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Word of Mouth Marketing

How to Use Word of Mouth Marketing Online to Build Loyal Customers


Referrals are the oldest method of marketing. Today’s marketing tactics are social media dense. Therefore, we must learn how to incorporate referrals into our online marketing to build a loyal customers . The transition from working the grapevine to managing your newsfeed is crucial in order to maintain and grow your customer loyalty. By using Word of mouth marketing, you will effectively showcase and build your loyal following.



Referrals vs Word of Mouth Marketing


Traditional Referrals influence a customer to look into a business/brand based on another customer’s positive feedback or reccomendation for the company.

    • In other words, a referral is marketing that is done through interpersonal conversations.
    • Traditional referral marketing holds high quality in the minds of the consumer. The only downfall is that it can be slow and only reach a small audience at a time. The challenge today is taking the main idea behind traditional referrals and apply it to digital marketing efforts.

Word of Mouth Marketing:

Word of mouth Marketing (WOM ) prompts a consumer to showcase their liking for a company/brand in their daily dialogue through various social media and through online reviews.

    • To accomplish this goal, produce content that creates buzz and conversation between B2C and B2B. Additionally, create content and calls to action that promote involvement and offers an incentive to leave reviews. 

While traditional referrals are reliable, it is detached from the online promotion and marketing techniques that are increasingly replacing traditional marketing platforms. Moreover, traditional referrals typically have an audience of a few people at a time. With word of mouth marketing,  you are able to reach a broad audience at once. The ultimate goal is to use the digital marketing to get people talking and build loyal customers.


The success of some businesses were built solely on traditional refferals.  The transition from traditional referrals  to word of mouth marketing must be strategic.

Give them something to talk about:

Ensure there is buzz around your brand. The plumbing company you are marketing for might not be the talk of the town, but with with strategic campaigns it can be. (i.e Tom’s shoes one-for-one business model)

  • Talk with a side of guac: Chipotle is a great example of bringing word of mouth marketing to their online mediums. A restaurant even as highly regarded as Chipotle has to do more than serve good food to have their audience talking tacos. They do this by producing engaging content such as animated shorts, web series and even have a column in the Huffington post. All of these elements embody their values as a company which builds loyal customers and prompts conversations amongst their audience.


79% of the population regaurd online reviews and testimonials as reliable as personal referrals from their peers. Online reviews and testmonials that are visible to other viewers is a way to incorporate the traditional method of referrals to an online platform . Websites such as Yelp and Angie’s list are a great ways to welcome feedback from your customers.

Encourage user generated content:

Showing user generated content encourages further involvement and it acts as another form of a testimonial. Reposting authentic content fron your followers proves the appeal of the product/service without smoke and mirrors. Moreover, encouraging your followers to post about your product or service widens your reach.

Create an incentive:

Giving your consumers a incentive to go through with a call to action will increase the liklihood the interaction results in a conversion. Incentives can include free trials, discounts, earning credit towards your next service etc.


Affiliate marketing is a two way relationship between the company and the influencer. By placing your product in the right hands you expand your reach and generate goodwill with followers. Lastly, consumers respond postively and are more likely to convert when they view an influencer that utilizes your product or service. 

Consistent and genuine interaction:

When any company becomes successful, they tend to seem out of reach for customer interaction.

  • By maintaining and fostering relationships through online communication you are going to successfully maintain that sense of loyalty you had before entering the digital world.

For Real Estate Sake

Referrals are the MVP in the real estate industry. Agents depend on networking as their main lead generation strategy. With that being said, real estate is a great candidate for word of mouth marketing techniques.

  • 40% of buyers go through an agent that they were referred to by someone they know. The following 12% goes with an agent they previously worked with. 


  • Customers seek validation of the agent they chose through positive reviews, testimonials and feedback. Therefore word of mouth Marketing is crucial in assuring your customers that they are making the right decision.
  • The best way to gain more referrals is to stay in contact with consumers at every level of your conversion funnel, that way you effectively established a relationship with them and will be the first to come to their mind when giving a referral or when they are ready to buy or sell their home.

Stay on their  mind: Good ways to stay in touch with your previous clients is through newsletters, just listed/just sold fliers, birthday greetings etc.  

All in all…

With digital WOM marketing, the grapevine turns into a vineyard. By utilizing customer loyalty through testimonials and fostering it through online interaction, you can transferyour tight knit relationship with clients to the digital world and continue to build loyal customers. Lastly, while positive feedback from customers is beneficial, to broadcast and promote it online is even more effective. Furthermore, it is important to produce content that prompts talking points and earns you a few mentions in your audience’s daily dialogue.

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