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Using Digital PR to Get Buzz For Your Business in 2018

Manage your brand’s image with digital public relations!


Let’s get real for a second. It does not matter how great you think your brand is. It does not matter that your company loves your brand. What the general public thinks of your brand is what really matters.

The psychological positioning of your brand in the minds of the consumer trumps almost everything about your company, your brand, and your actual product and service. Enter Public Relations.



Public relations is the act of managing the public perception of a brand. It is also media relations and more abstractly, it is a tool to build relationships with the public.

Traditional PR through trashy magazines, press conferences, news stations, radio, and newspapers is a well-known phenomenon. But, what does PR look like now that we are in the digital age? Now that virtually the entire world consumes 90% of their media through online sources, what are the best PR tactics? Enter Digital PR.



Brands implement digital PR to improve their online presence through building relationships with influential bloggers, online journalists, and other online authorities in their industry. The shift from traditional to digital media for public relations is due to the fact that virtually everyone is online.




The ability to get ‘press hits’ or citations and credible backlinks to help improve SEO is another great aspect of digital or online PR.

When done the right way, online PR will build a brand’s online reach through these effective SEO tactics.



Brands tap into an influencer’s following and gain the weight of their credibility when utilizing their online asset for the brand’s online PR. Word of mouth marketing explains the importance of having an influencer promote your brand. So, long story short, using credible blogs and social media celebrities that have a similar target audience as you in your digital PR mix, is non-negotiable.


Pro-tip: The quality of followers trumps the quantity of followers. Ensure the influencer you are working with has a following that mirrors your ideal consumer. You want to make sure the engagement you receive from the partnership is beneficial to your brand.



Two points to make here….

  1. Your audience is on social media, no matter who you are.
  2. The influencers and blogs your audience follow are on social media.

Conclusion. Your digital PR message also needs to be sent out via social media.


Note: going viral is considered publicity. Moreover, it can lead to great online PR. The best way to utilize viral PR marketing is to get featured on popular video media sources that regularly produce viral (or near viral) videos. Media sources such as BuzzFeed, Now This, etc. are perfect for viral publicity.


Pro -tip: Using social media in your online PR mix allows you to track analytics! Yay! So, unlike traditional methods, you are able to get a clear picture of the effects of your digital PR efforts.

Your public image matters

So, don’t neglect it. Use digital PR to manage how your brand is perceived by your target audience. Use their favorite influencers to give your brand their stamp of approval. Send out press releases to relevant online news sources. Go viral.



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