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10 Ways to Start Marketing Your Business Right Now

Strategies you should be implementing right now to start marketing your business.


Unfortunately, overnight success is the grand myth of business and marketing. It is a fantasy we all wish was a reality so we could crack the code. In truth, those “overnight sensations” no one knew about yesterday are actually products of years of hard work. As a start-up business, it is imperative to hit the pavement with everything you have straight away. In the beginning, it is all about speed, consistency and making all the right moves.






So, take a look at how to start marketing your business right now…


Beware the Shiny Object Syndrome when considering different marketing tactics.

This can be a killer to your business, especially since it is very likely that your team is very small. Maintaining focus on what matters most will bring success.


Confirm your target audience before you start marketing your business.

This may be a no-brainer, but ensuring you are 100 percent knowledgeable on your target audience and all of your efforts are directly geared towards them is the most effective and efficient way to grow your business.


Set up relevant social media accounts.

Social media marketing is a cornerstone of current marketing tactics. Billions of people use social media platforms to connect and research brands, don’t miss out on that opportunity. Running social media pages for your business allows you to interact with your target audience, put your ads in front of the right people, and allow you to run analytics on your pages to measure your progress.


Pro tip: research which platforms are most beneficial for your marketing objectives and stick to just those.


Create content.

Content is the substance for your marketing efforts. High-quality content is optimal to communicate your branding message and captivate your audience. The average start up may not yet have the budget to invest in content creation experts when they are just starting out but, having something is better than nothing.

So, don’t wait to get started on producing relevant content for your consumers and just get to it. Write enlightening blog articles, start a vlog, take photos, shoot Instagram stories and get on Facebook live.The important thing here is to share your story with your audience and begin to build your brand online through your content. Then, when you’ve gained some traction, look into hiring professionals to take this burden off your shoulders (at that point, it will save you a ton of time and money). You should look back in a few months and be able to see the progression of the quality of your content.


Use Hashtags.

Relevant hashtags allow your consumer to find your social media pages. Use them wisely and do your research to find the best keywords for your audience and business.



Interact with your target audience on their social media accounts.

The point of social media is to be social. It is the opposite of mass media and other one way channels of marketing communication. Social media’s purpose is to be a two-way communication between users. You will be disappointed with your social media marketing results if you do not interact with your followers in a meaningful way.



Cross Promote.

One of the best ways to put your brand on the map is to collaborate with influencers relevant to your target audience. You will be able to tap into their followers and get their stamp of approval which will do wonders for building trust with your followers.


Advertise on Facebook.

There are 2 billion users on Facebook, but only 2 million advertisers. Take advantage of this low ratio while you can. So, set aside a budget to run ads on Facebook that have a call to action that will generate a return on investment for your business.


Pro tip: use these ads to drive viewers to your landing pages.


Build Landing Pages.

Landing pages have been a hot topic amongst marketers and they are worthy of the hype due to their effective lead generation abilities. In short, they are hyper targeted website pages that offer the viewers something in exchange for their information or in exchange for their compliance with your call to action. Landing pages play on reciprocity and the fear of missing out. So, offer something worthwhile to the viewers. Stay tuned to our blog to learn how to create and use landing pages.



Keep at it.

In this context, consistency and perseverance is the difference between success and failure.




Contrary to popular belief, success does not happen overnight.

Get started right now. Begin your road to success today by implementing these tactics to start marketing your business. It will take months maybe even years of consistent posting, engagement, increasingly higher quality content and paid advertisements to get your brand the consistent and sustainable recognition and success you desire to achieve. The key to success here is consistency and patience.


Raw Media Co. understands marketing your business is a full-time job in and of itself. That is why we work with your budget to market your business. Email us today at social@rawmediaco.com to get a free consultation.