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Social Media Algorithm

Playing by the rules of content filtering


What seems like an advancement in social media to the consumer, might also seem like a nightmare to a marketer. 

Social media networks are getting smarter and are now able to tailor the content displayed based on the consumer. The new ability to sort posts based on the relevancy of the user allows user’s feed to consist of people they engage with.  In result, this creates a barrier for marketers to thrive solely off of their organic following. If you’ve noticed a decrease in your post’s reach, it’s time you learned how to dance to the algorithm.


What is social media algorithm?

Social media algorithm is a method of sorting posts according to relevancy to the user rather than publish time. It calculates data on users in efforts to find what accounts they like and care about. Therefore all of the posts on a newsfeed are rearranged based on relevancy to the user.


Instagram algorithm v.s Facebook algorithm

Social media algorithms depend on various factors for each network. The factors that will get your posts noticed on Facebook, differ from Instagram.


Instagram →

The key measures to determine relevance on Instagram include:

  • The accounts whose posts you like the most.
  • Accounts you search for
  • Accounts/people you know in real life
  • Accounts you direct message



Facebook → 

Facebook is one of the more complicated algorithms, as it is dependent on   various variables:

    • Likes, comments, and shares are the prime signals of what a user wants to see on their newsfeed.
    • Users have the option to filter out posts they don’t want to see
    • The time you spend on a post.
    • If you turn on the audio, switch to full-screen mode or enable HD on a video.


Is all of my content still there?

All of your content is still there, however, if it does not fulfill the requirements of the user’s tailored newsfeed, it will be placed near the end of the feed. However, depending on how long a user spends scrolling through their phone the chances of users getting to your post is slim.




Is pay to play the only answer?

Paying to play is part of the answer, but it is not the only answer.

Therefore, you should consider paid advertising to earn yourself a spot at the top of your audience’s newsfeed.

However, the solution as a whole is that content is king. Quality content is the answer for gaining an organic following and maintaining your following from paid advertising.


Moving forward

As you proceed with your marketing efforts, it is important to keep social media algorithm in mind. This means that you must place an extra emphasis on interaction, engagement, and meaningful content. You can no longer rely on a user accidentally stumbling upon your account. Instead, you have to play by the rules of the algorithm -keep your content relevant to your specific audience and consider paid advertising. Cranking out content for exposure is a weak effort in the hands of the algorithm. Instead, there must be meaning and interaction prompts attached to that content. Social media algorithm might seem like a curve ball to the marketer, but if you play by the rules, you just might hit a home run.


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