personalized content marketing
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Personalize Your Content Marketing

Use content personalization to drive new business and nurture existing customers


personalized content marketingIt’s no secret that the age of passive consumerism has met its end. Consumers are taking active roles in shaping their consumer experience. They write reviews, demand engaging content, block ads, create hashtags and only choose brands that resonate with their identity. Thus, pushing a message that does not correlate with the target audience’s wants and needs will result in failure. That is why personalized content marketing really is the only answer.


What is content marketing

Content marketing is a marketing tactic that involves the creation and sharing of online material such as videos, blogs and social media posts. The key point of this content is that it does not explicitly promote a brand, but is intended to stimulate interest in its products or services. Moreover, the key to being successful with content marketing is to produce content that is shareable. Shareable content is content that your followers find entertaining, engaging and want to share for their own purposes. And don’t forget to dance to the algorithm to get your content noticed by others.


What is context

Context is the circumstances that surround an event or setting. Context for the purposes of content marketing is the touch points in consumer journeys, social media platforms, times of day or year, etc. Good content is nothing without context. In fact, you can have low-quality content in the right context is more powerful than high-quality content in the wrong context. Think viral videos shot on a 2007 flip phone. The content is good, the quality is terrible, but the context is on point. All in all, the ideal scenario is good content, great quality, and the right context.


What you need for personalized content marketing 

Buyer personas are developed based on attributes of your ideal consumer. These include age, gender, annual income, location, habits, interests, hobbies etc. You can have multiple buyer personas to aid in detailing your target audience. Buyer personas are used to direct content creation.

Consumer journey maps and sales funnels

  • detail touch points your target audience go through before and after a conversion. It is important to understand where certain members of your target audience are in their journey, from awareness to consideration to conversion and loyalty. These touch points will dictate what kind of content is best to provide those individuals.


  • You need analytics to actually back up your conclusions about your target audience and consumer journey maps. Never dismiss the importance of analytics. 


What am I doing wrong?

  • 99% of your content is overtly self-promoting -your audience wants to relate to you before they buy from you.
  • Your content is not shareable.
  • It is only focused on one area of the consumer journey. You must address every step of the buyer’s process and guide them through the experience.
  • Content is king: you may have the right context, but your content is really not good.
  • You have high quality, highly engaging content in the wrong context.




How can I improve?

  • Run analytics
  • Reevaluate your strategy
  • Develop one if you don’t have one
  • Research what kind of content is working for industry leaders, not your direct competition ( or use them as secondary sources)
  • Hire a marketing agency or new in-house marketing team members if needed
  • Actually make the changes


Users engage with accounts they relate to. They are going to engage with accounts that they identify with such as their friends or influencers they follow. It is your job to create a brand with the same voice, aesthetic and personality as someone they would identify with. This is a crucial part of developing and maintaining a sense of loyalty between you and your consumers. Furthermore, it is important to have your brand’s persona shine through your consumer’s entire buying journey. Providing a product or service your customers will like is one thing and it’s even more important to provide a voice that drives them to relate to the brand, to ensure loyalty and consistency between you and the customer.