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Maximize Your Time With This Productivity and Time Management Life Hack Guide

A business executive’s time management and productivity life hack guide


Maximize your time with this life hack productivity guide. Here at Raw Media Co. we understand the struggle to incorporate everything into each and every day. It seems as if there aren’t enough hours in the day. To resolve this keep in mind productivity and time management go hand in hand. The following guide will help business-minded executives develop an efficient and balanced life.




“The quality of your life is in direct relationship to the quality of your habits and rituals.” Stan Jacobs, The Dusk And Dawn Master


Develop an inspiring morning ritual

This will jump start the day and give you the momentum you need to keep up productivity. One business executive in the office wakes up at 5:45 AM every morning to go for a run. During this time she plans out her day using Siri to take notes. This way she can have a clear mind and easily prioritize her day. This tactic is a great life hack to overlap objectives and make an activity multifunctional, maximizing time.


Have a good mid day ritual

This is key for me. It is the time of day where I begin to lose momentum built from my morning routine. So, every day around 2:00 pm I first take myself out of work mode completely. I accomplish this by taking lunch and a coffee break with a good book or Netflix show. Immediately after this Zen time I go back to my planner and evaluate which priorities I have been nurturing. I evaluate if I need to make any adjustments or if I am right on track. This refreshing break revamps my motivation for the remainder of the day!

 Wind down with an Evening Ritual

Evening rituals are meant to set you up for the necessary 7-8 hours of peaceful sleep to let your brain and body recover from the day. Your evening ritual should be a time to reflect on the day, pre plan the next day, and let go of the day behind you for a clean slate the next morning. Take this time to brain dump all concerns and negative thoughts. Also, write down what you are grateful for and what motivates you. Lastly, make sure to separate yourself from any and all distractions, including your email. 


 “A clear vision, backed by definite plans, gives you a tremendous feeling of confidence and personal power.” Brian Tracy, The Gift of Self-Confidence

Failing to plan is planning to fail” Alan Lakein


Find your productivity tool

For some it’s an app, for others it’s a traditional planner, for me it’s a bullet journal I can design and customize to my specific needs. Finding what works for you will help keep you accountable and allow you to evaluate how effectively you are maximizing your time.

Tip: some great productivity apps to try are Handle or Simpliday, which aligns your tasks, emails, and calendars together; and Wunderlist to keep track of all your lists and even collaborate with others on it


Plan, Plan, Plan

Plan out your time to get the most out of your time. After 7 hours of sleep, 9 hours of work, 2 hours commuting to work you still have 6 hours to dedicate to your priorities. Use them wisely. Use an hour each day to chip away at the long list of chores, an hour for exercise and the rest for family and “me” time. Better yet, incorporate family time with that hour of exercise by going on a family bike ride. Having a pre set plan for your time will ensure you are not mindlessly wasting any. Moreover, it will also aid in actually finding enough time to take care of your priorities.

Lastly, make sure to take a step back and plan a weekly view of your time. This will ensure you organize due dates and schedules for tasks and projects in an effective manner. This way you are proactive. Thus, you won’t have to play catch up at the end of the week. All in all, having a detailed plan will allow you to work in time for what really matters outside of your career.


Revisit your plan

Things change, meetings pop up, situations arise. Don’t let the unexpected take away from your productivity. When something new comes your way, take the time to rework your time to continue to get the most out of your time and keep your priorities in line.

GET CREATIVE                

“You can’t wait for inspiration, you have to go after it with a club” – Jack London


Design your space

Increase productivity by 15% with outfitting your office space with visually appealing elements that inspire you and add a refreshing element such as a plant. Customizing your space in this way is a great productivity life hack because it makes your workspace more enjoyable and inspirational.



Literally get creative

Business executives typically utilize their left-brain for most of their work. The left-brain is associated with critical thinking, logic, facts, and thinking in words. The right brain is associated with imagination, creativity, imagination, and nonverbal cues. What most executives don’t know is that the right brain can also influence the left (and vice versa). By periodically engaging in a creative task such as crafting, cooking or decorating, you can stimulate inspiration and better incorporate creativity in problem-solving. So, get creative and see how much easier it is to stay motivated and productive.





Banish the cognition that there aren’t enough hours in the day by maximizing your time and using these tips to keep up your productivity and inspiration. With purposeful rituals, effective planning and right brain engagement you can do it all.

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