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From Nudes to News Snapchat Has Evolved Into The Perfect Digital Marketing Tool

I recently discovered Snapchat. I use it regularly to snap my friends back and forth and document my “story”, but it wasn’t until recently that I really discovered snapchat.

I realized that top media companies and TV stations like Buzzfeed and MTV have full blown shows on snapchat! And there is even a “local” section when you go to search for content in your local area. I mean, the simple fact that you have the ability to search for content on snapchat blew my mind.

I now understand why it is the fastest growing social media platform and why Gary V can’t shut up about it.

Now that my snapchat ignorance has been corrected…

here is how you can utilize snapchat to market AND ADVERTISE your business.



Previously a marketing concern when using snapchat was not being able to include a link on your snaps. Well, now adding a link to any snap is extremely easy. All you have to do is take your snap, click the paperclip and type in your URL. All in all, this application has added a lot more marketing value to the platform.


Marketing on snapchat is a great way to send out coupon codes to drive traffic to your physical or online store. Who doesn’t like a great coupon offer? And snapchat stories are temporary! So it adds to the FOMO factor because your viewers know there is a 24hr expiration date on that one coupon.

Some other great ideas for snapchat marketing utility is to develop a loyalty program for snapchat followers. Also, creating a “Coupon for a follow” campaign can drive sales and following.


Snapchat has always been about exclusivity in one way or another. First it was exclusive photos sent between users, now it’s the type of content that is getting exclusive. Some examples of exclusive content to produce for your snapchat marketing strategy is as follows:

  • A day In the life
  • The short version
  • Behind the Scenes
  • First to know


Geo filters are one of the most popular functions of snapchat. It allows the user to show their followers where they are in that moment. The best part is that the filters show up automatically so you don’t have to hope your target audience searches for it. It is right there in their face. But wait, it gets better. When your target audience actually uses your filter, they are promoting your business to their friends!!!

Paid Advertising

From the Snap Ads to sponsored Geotags to Sponsored Lenses there are some great ways to get your brand seen on Snapchat. Also, Snapchat is a great place for paid advertising due to the 150 million active daily users. Yes, 150 million DAILY users who are ACTIVE. Advertising on snapchat to help market your business can be pricy, so do your research and see which option is best for your needs and budget.

Gain a Following

Showcase and Ask.

Show your current followers on other platforms how “lit” your snapchat account is and the benefits of following your business on snapchat.

Moreover, you can unlock the potential of local snapchat and use the right keywords so your account shows up when users look through local content.


Why It Works

The key appeal of snapchat is the shorter length of content that is produced. Thus, it caters to our short attention span culture. The type of “exclusivity” snapchat embodies makes content on the platform feel more personal. Thus, snapchat content works to build relationships with your followers.



Hubspot covers all of the reasons why you should take snapchat seriously, but something else to add is this: It’s obviously becoming a huge media source. As stated previously, popular media and broadcast companies are producing full segments on snapchat. This coupled with the fact that most people consume most of their entertainment from the internet and social media indicated that snapchat is beginning to resemble a TV channel. You can actually watch short shows right from the app. So, why not begin to leverage the ever growing app and try to get your part of the glory? Lastly, only 1% of marketers use snapchat advertising. This means that the market is not yet flooded. The pricing of advertising on snapchat can be steep depending on your budget and company size, but keep a lookout on pricing and accessibility to determine when is the right time for your business to begin utilizing that feature.