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4 Critical Tactics to Develop a Strategic Marketing Plan

How to create a situational analysis to guide your marketing plan.




Here at Raw Media Co. we understand the value of creating a marketing plan that has a basis in research. We know that random acts of marketing without prior research equates to wasted time and money. So, before you dive into any marketing strategy, do a situational analysis to create a solid foundation. Here at Raw, we put together a situational analysis report that researches, analyzes and outlines important factors involving the company at hand. Moreover, we give suggestions on what steps to take next based on that research.


What do you get out of learning about this process?

  • Knowledge of the high standard any marketing company should be achieving.
  • A look into the journey we take with you.
  • Business advice
  • Also, learn what an effective situational analysis that only includes critical information looks like.



A situational analysis is an initial report performed by marketers to evaluate the current marketing efforts. Traditionally, these reports include the 3-5c’s, a SWOT analysis, Porter’s five forces analysis and more. We have taken what works and what doesn’t work from the traditional practices and created a more concise report that focuses on critical information.

What you need for a Situational Analysis, Raw Media style.

An analysis of your company.

  • Stalk your online accounts like you are not a part of the company. From there, put yourself in the shoes of your consumer and evaluate yourself.



follower engagement graphicCompetitive Analysis

  • Now, stalk your competitor’s online accounts like you are a common consumer. Evaluate their strategies and put those against yours.



Relevant statistics and Information

  • Next, scour your resources and google for every bit of information that is relevant to your industry. This includes information on your target consumer in addition to industry statistics, case studies, marketing trends and any other bit of information that provides insight into future marketing efforts.

orange swan


SWON Analysis — a reconfiguring of the traditional SWOT analysis.

  • Lastly, with a SWON analysis, consider all of the information you have gathered thus far. Then indicate your business’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and what next steps to take. Traditionally that last letter is a “T” for threats, but for this initial report, we found it more beneficial to outline the next steps to take. Each of these has the basis in the research you have conducted.
  • Also, ensure that every opinion and next steps action has a factual basis. The reason for this is to ensure you are taking a systematic and logical approach to the marketing of your business.


digital files graphicCreate that marketing plan!

You are not equipt to create a marketing plan that will work. So, get to it!


All in all…

As informative as this report is, this is not where it ends. After this report is completed, continue to stay on top of the research and development. By utilizing this type of process to guide your marketing efforts, you will see a great improvement in your marketing. Also, taking a systematic approach to your marketing will save you time and money. Work smart with this tactic and ensure you are moving your business forward. Lastly, for more information on what you can be doing right now to market your business check out this blog post.


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