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SEO Best Practices Crash Course

  Ensuring your website is optimized for search engines is one of the best ways to bring quality traffic to your online business. Search engines use algorithms and bots to determine how relevant your content or website is to a search.…
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F*CK FLUFF | How to ensure your content contains substance

  As an innovative and ever growing creative, you are on the hunt to constantly grow your skills and expertise. The mere fact that you are reading this blog is evidence that you are a self-starter. An ambitious and driven go-getter…
Digital Public Relations PR graphic
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Using Digital PR to Get Buzz For Your Business in 2018

Manage your brand's image with digital public relations!   Let’s get real for a second. It does not matter how great you think your brand is. It does not matter that your company loves your brand. What the general public thinks…
social media algorithm graphic
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Social Media Algorithm

Playing by the rules of content filtering   What seems like an advancement in social media to the consumer, might also seem like a nightmare to a marketer.  Social media networks are getting smarter and are now able to tailor the…
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Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS)

We have heard your call for help and have developed a cure Every marketer, business executive, and entrepreneur has either experienced or witnessed the shiny object syndrome first hand. People who suffer from this have a multitude of symptoms…
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7 Traits of Highly Successful Marketers

Successful Marketers … Are Life Learners Marketing is always changing, industries are always changing, and new technologies and research comes out all the time. Being a lifelong learner and always self educating on all things related…