Online reputation management

Monitoring and analyzing both positive and negative feedback about your brand online and responding with proper sentiment.

Customizable Designs

With some of the best designers in the industry, we ensure that your brand’s marketing materials are always consistent and meticulously designed.

Real-time social media analytics

We provide monthly reports of your social media platforms for thorough data analysis and campaign planning.

Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency.

Search Engine & Social Media Optimization Experts


Your brand is what makes or breaks your company. We ensure that it is always consistent and fully representative of your company.

Curated Designs

Logos, posters, packaging, custom social media content, and much more. We ensure that anything you need to be designed, gets done.

Targeted Advertising

Paid listings on Google AdWords and aggressive Facebook ads can make your business visible to the right audience.


High-definition images of your product or business for the best representation of your brand.

Custom Email Design

Custom newsletters are designed by our email experts to match your brand’s needs.


We offer HD videos using state of the art equipment.

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Native Advertising | The best way to format your content

Native Advertising|The surefire way to make sure your brand is exposed to the right consumers online!  So, you want to get the word out about your small business but you don’t want to be basic. Everywhere we turn, we are met with advertisements…
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Audience Segmentation For Marketing Success

To review one of the first topics we all learned about in our Marketing 101 college courses, successful marketing is about being at the right place, at the right time, in front of the right people, with the right message. So, the question is,…
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Key Marketing Trends That Aren't Going Anywhere

Must know marketing trends that are making their permanent marks on the way we do business. Keeping up with digital marketing trends can be quite a nightmare! Often, by the time you figure out what’s hot and how to implement…
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Storytelling As a Powerful Marketing Tool

So what sounds like a better dish soap? Brand X: 3 time more grease- cleaning power, concentrated formula with Hypoallergenic and dye -free formula -- Or -- Brand Y: A video of how it helped save marine animals in oil spills?   Brand…
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F*CK FLUFF | How to ensure your content contains substance

  As an innovative and ever growing creative, you are on the hunt to constantly grow your skills and expertise. The mere fact that you are reading this blog is evidence that you are a self-starter. An ambitious and driven go-getter…
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Using pop culture as a marketing tool

The significance in incorporating current events and popular trends into your marketing.   We all as individuals have our interests and a preferred topic of conversation and it’s significant when you talk about the same things with…
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4 Critical Tactics to Develop a Strategic Marketing Plan

How to create a situational analysis to guide your marketing plan.       Here at Raw Media Co. we understand the value of creating a marketing plan that has a basis in research. We know that random acts of marketing…
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From Nudes to News Snapchat Has Evolved Into The Perfect Digital Marketing Tool

I recently discovered Snapchat. I use it regularly to snap my friends back and forth and document my “story”, but it wasn’t until recently that I really discovered snapchat. I realized that top media companies and TV stations like…
personalized content marketing
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Personalize Your Content Marketing

Use content personalization to drive new business and nurture existing customers   It’s no secret that the age of passive consumerism has met its end. Consumers are taking active roles in shaping their consumer experience. They write…


The team at RAW Media is a joy to work with. They not only provide tangible results, but are very quick to execute any ideas or campaigns I am interested in running.

Matthew Hui
Matthew HuiFluff Ice

RAW Media has helped launch our company into the Facebook family, giving us favorable exposure to both our existing and future clients.The team is professional, dedicated and very creative. The timely and catchy posts speak for themselves! We are in good hands!

Eewan Law
Eewan LawFong’s Printing

We had a new patient choose us as her chiropractor because she saw pictures of our hallway and doors that the RAW Media staff photographed. Our hallway and doors are wider than normal to accommodate wheelchairs and crutches. It has made a difference.

Dr. Kwan
Dr. KwanPremier Chiropractic

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