Online reputation management

Monitoring and analyzing both positive and negative feedback about your brand online and responding with proper sentiment.

Customizable Designs

With some of the best designers in the industry, we ensure that your brand’s marketing materials are always consistent and meticulously designed.

Real-time social media analytics

We provide monthly reports of your social media platforms for thorough data analysis and campaign planning.

Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency.

Search Engine & Social Media Optimization Experts


Your brand is what makes or breaks your company. We ensure that it is always consistent and fully representative of your company.

Curated Designs

Logos, posters, packaging, custom social media content, and much more. We ensure that anything you need to be designed, gets done.

Targeted Advertising

Paid listings on Google AdWords and aggressive Facebook ads can make your business visible to the right audience.


High-definition images of your product or business for the best representation of your brand.

Custom Email Design

Custom newsletters are designed by our email experts to match your brand’s needs.


We offer HD videos using state of the art equipment.

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Maximize Your Time With This Productivity and Time Management Life Hack Guide

A business executive’s time management and productivity life hack guide   Maximize your time with this life hack productivity guide. Here at Raw Media Co. we understand the struggle to incorporate everything into each and every day.…
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Snapchat Marketing

Snapchat Marketing Ephemeral content -the most powerful contrivance in your business’s tool belt As a business, when it comes to effective marketing the biggest obstacle companies face is obtaining sufficient engagement. According…
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Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS)

We have heard your call for help and have developed a cure Every marketer, business executive, and entrepreneur has either experienced or witnessed the shiny object syndrome first hand. People who suffer from this have a multitude of symptoms…
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SEO Best Practices Crash Course

  Ensuring your website is optimized for search engines is one of the best ways to bring quality traffic to your online business. Search engines use algorithms and bots to determine how relevant your content or website is to a search.…
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7 Traits of Highly Successful Marketers

Successful Marketers … Are Life Learners Marketing is always changing, industries are always changing, and new technologies and research comes out all the time. Being a lifelong learner and always self educating on all things related…
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5 surprising digital marketing facts you weren't aware of and what they mean for you and your business

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Step #1 GET EDUCATED. Knowing the psychographics of your customer is priceless and many of us need to update what we know to be true about our consumers. Learning about your customer through comments, viewing their profiles, researching…
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The Value of Advanced Analytics

The Value of Advanced Analytics With the ever-growing access to Google Analytics, social media analytics and the like, every business is gathering as much data as they possibly can. Without extensive analysis, that raw data means very…
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How Won and Lost Deals Can Strengthen Your Business Through a Scientific Approach

In this post we will outline how to take on a scientific mentality to aid in turning all results into insightful information you can apply to your next target. In summary, it is all about building and maintaining a scientific standpoint when…


The team at RAW Media is a joy to work with. They not only provide tangible results, but are very quick to execute any ideas or campaigns I am interested in running.

Matthew Hui
Matthew HuiFluff Ice

RAW Media has helped launch our company into the Facebook family, giving us favorable exposure to both our existing and future clients. Ray and his team are professional, dedicated and very creative. The timely and catchy posts speak for themselves! We are in good hands!

Eewan Law
Eewan LawFong’s Printing

We had a new patient choose us as her chiropractor because she saw pictures of our hallway and doors that the RAW Media staff photographed. Our hallway and doors are wider than normal to accommodate wheelchairs and crutches. It has made a difference.

Dr. Kwan
Dr. KwanPremier Chiropractic

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